Ten Reasons Why Businesses Need a Mobile Website

With the proliferation of smartphone usage exploding, the time for offering mobile

marketing services on a local level has never been a more profitable venture.

Mobile websites are a great entry point for businesses to “get their feet wet” in mobile

marketing because, quite simply put, in today’s digital world it’s never been more

important for local businesses to engage with growing mobile audiences.

Anyone thinking of getting into mobile marketing should remember that people consume

information very differently when they’re browsing the Internet on their mobile devices

as opposed to their desktop computers.

Traditional websites are designed for access from a desktop or laptop computer, where

the screen is large and the site is easy to navigate using a mouse and a full-size

keyboard. For this reason, these websites typically offer a rich and interactive

experience, and are designed to engage the visitor, build brand awareness and drive

users to offline sales channels.

But when someone accesses a website designed for desktop computers from a mobile

device, the last thing they want to see is the full-size website shrunk down to fit into their

small screen, making it impossible to read or navigate without zooming and panning.

Mobile users want to land on a website that immediately presents the key information

quickly, cleanly and concisely. They want a website that is easy to read and has the key

information immediately accessible.

This means that a mobile website should be a much more simplified version of a main

website, providing only the most important information — and it should be designed so

the mobile site is easy for visitors to navigate using only their fingers.

Desktop websites are still very valuable assets, but do not translate well on mobile

devices. Mobile visitors usually want to get in and out quickly, having found the specific

information they were looking for. They are not interested in browsing or reading

extensively on their tiny screen.

Whether you are a freelance online entrepreneur, a local services agency, professional

consultant, or a business owner, here are 10 great reasons why you need to start

selling mobile websites TODAY!

The mobile audience is already huge and is growing rapidly.

If you’re thinking to yourself, does my client really need a mobile site, take the time to

look at these statistics.

According to a study by Boston Consulting Group, Morgan Stanley Research and Berg

Insight, “Global Internet usage will more than double by 2015, and most of these users

will be mobile.”

Another study in 2011 by Mobile Marketing Association Asia unearthed the fascinating

fact that, of the 7 billion people here on Earth, 5.1 billion own a cellphone while only 4.2

billion own a toothbrush!

Even though not all of these 5.1 billion cellphone owners have a smartphone, the

number of smartphone users is growing rapidly as low-budget 3G capable smartphones

have become increasingly available in the past few years. In 2011, Goldman Sachs

forecasted that in the United States alone, 81% of American cellphone owners will use

smartphones by 2015.

The transition to smartphones is well under way. With developing and emerging

economies quickly upgrading their telecommunication infrastructures to newer highvolume

and high-usage data networks needed to accommodate smartphones, we are

well on our way to meeting these projected statistics.

So no matter who your target market is, the chances are very good that a large

percentage of them are already accessing the Internet with a mobile device.

What all these statistics are saying is that the mobile boom has started and the

explosion will only get bigger, louder and stronger.

Any local business without a mobile website is removing itself from a multi-

BILLION dollar per year marketplace.

“Mobile marketing is the fastest growing industry in history,

and is expected to skyrocket to over $50 billion by 2015.”

(Source: IDC Forecast, 2012)

(For more up-to-date mobile statistics, please visit http://www.brickandmobile.com/mobile-stats/)

The mobile marketplace is exploding, as more and more people are shifting their

spending from the “regular marketplace” to the “mobile marketplace”.

People have become so comfortable purchasing online that during the last few years,

online sales have EXCEEDED offline sales. This level of comfort has carried over to the

mobile marketplace as people do their banking, research products and make purchases

from their mobile devices with a few taps of a screen.

New technology makes purchasing via a smartphone or mobile device safe, secure,

extremely simple and very convenient. Orders can be placed from anywhere a person

happens to be… on the road (hopefully not when driving), at work, relaxing away from

home, or even while meandering through a store.

This trend will continue as more and more people discover the convenience of making

their purchases directly from their smartphone, or other mobile devices such as tablets.

Wise business owners who capitalize on this trend as soon as possible will find

themselves way ahead of their slow-moving competition within the exploding local

mobile marketplace.


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