About Us

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Localmobileze is a Calgary based company specialising in helping local Calgary businesses increase their leads, prospects and customers with video marketing.

David Glowasky is the owner of Localmobileze which started as a mobile website and mobile marketing company. After taking various video marketing and production courses David has increased the services provided by Localmobileze to include production, optimization and syndication of videos.

The mobile marketing aspect has evolved into effective and compelling website design specializing in creating Divi 3.o websites and advanced SEO for clients.

Benefits of Video Marketing

A simple video representing a company that is on the first page of Google will stand out in the search results and have new customers calling and visiting you business.

With a video thumbnail (picture) which stands out amongst the other search results you can have prospective customers watching your video and getting the information that they are looking for and it is easier to rank a video on the first page than a website.

This means that if you utilise video marketing to it’s potential any video that you have can drive traffic to your website and business. If you already have a  video produced and it is merely sitting on your website you are not taking advantage of the benefits of Youtube and the power of video marketing.

We produce business videos that rank for our customers and get results using strategies that work and in a shorter time than to get a website coming up on the first page of the search results.

Thank you for visiting and good luck on your video marketing
David Glowasky