• Grahams Auctions
    David created a video for our auction company. The video was merely a well done slide show of some of the vehicles and equipment that are sold at Graham auctions every Saturday. The video is ranking on the first page for Calgary Auctions and Best Calgary Auctions Online.....Great job
    Larry Graham - Graham's Auctions
  • Professional Consultant Video
    David's company Localmobileze created a youtube channel and various videos targeting different keywords. We are on the first page for our primary keywords and getting more calls and more business with these videos ranking where people can get our information.
    Jenna D -
  • Calgary Auto Buyers and Recyclers
    Localmobileze has ranked my video on the first page of Google and I am getting calls to my business when people watch the video and follow the calls to action.  
  • Dennis Begin
      Localmobileze has made and ranked a number of videos for my home inspection business. I started getting more clients when the videos showed up on the first page of Google. They also helped get my business page in the 3 pack of Google maps and some first page rankings for my website. I highly recommend David and Localmobileze for video creation and marketing business videos.
  • Daycare Video
    Localmobileze made a super professional video for my new day care business. I started getting more clients and soon my profits started to increase getting more interested clients. I'm really happy & thankful for the good work. Thanks.