The Future for Mobile is Now

Google released this great video on the future for mobile, here are some highlights from the video:

Mobile is getting so big that new consumer trends are being created changing the way people search for and find there local businesses.
125 Years of Angry Birds are played everyday on mobile devices.
1 in 3 Mobile searches have the intent for getting more information that the consumer has easy access too.
59% of mobile users visit a local store after completing their search for it on the mobile web
The future for mobiles is here in niches that you would expect, and some you dont expect
17% of all Auto searches are mobile
15% of all Finance and Insurance searches are from mobile devices
30% of all Restaurant searches are from mobile phones
Does this mean the the future for mobile is here in 2014?

with 79% of all large online advertisers not having a mobile optimized site, people are becoming frustrated with the brands that do not take mobile into account.

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