Calgary Video Production and Marketing

 Calgary Video Production and Marketing

Did you know that Google is featuring more and more videos on page one. Your Calgary video production and marketing should reflect this and if it doesn’t then you are not getting the service that you require from your video marketing company.

The video above is an example of how a simple video production using animation and some actual relevant content can rank quickly on Google for the chosen keywords. There are a lot of wonderful video production companies in Calgary but if the videos that they produce are not reaching the first page for your business videos, the only people that will see your video is if it is on your company website. You are leaving money on the table and definitely not getting your proper (ROI) Return on Investment.

The main image that people see on a search result, the main thing that stands out is a video. People love getting their information from videos these days and the ability to have your company video ranking on the first page of Google is a very real possibility using the proper strategies. These strategies are called video search engine optimization (SEO) and requires a lot of knowledge and the proper implementation.

With the proper Video SEO your company video has the possibility on getting on page one of the search results resulting in more leads, more prospects and more customers.


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At Localmobileze we have incorporated video into the mobile website design for all our customers and are getting amazing results. Your calgary video production and marketing company that you use to promote your company video should have the best results possible and they should have proof that they can rank for some very competitive keywords.

The Calgary production company may have the best and most expensive equipment available and the most experienced videographers in the Calgary market but the end result could be that you have a wonderful video sitting on your website not achieving the results that it should.

If you are not happy with the ranking results of your video or if you need a simple solution to getting seen on page on of Google with a company video from our production and video marketing devision, please get in touch with us but due to our company policy we only optimize company videos in one niche or business type in any demographic.

It is unfair to have our video production and marketing company in calgary accept clients that have the same kind of business. We can help if you are prudent and quick in taking the time to see what is offered in our video services. Find out more here Calgary Simple Video Production and Marketing

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